birdsFrequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is your check-in and check-out time?

Q2. How many keys do you supply?

Q3. Is there direct beach access?

Q4. How can I check to see if my dates are available?

Q5. How many bedrooms and how are the beds arranged?

Q6. How many bathrooms are there and where are they located?

Q7. Is there a hot tub?

Q8. What will I find in the kitchen?

Q9. Is there firewood for the fireplace?

Q10. Is there a BBQ at the house?

Q11. How many TV’s are in the house?

Q12. Do you have a DVD or VHS player?

Q13. Where do we park?

Q14. Do you provide any board games?

Q15. Do you provide linens?

Q16. What is your refund policy? 

Q17. What do we need to do before we check out?

Q1. What is your check-in and check-out time?

A. 4:00 pm check-in and 11:00 am check-out.

Q2. How many keys do you supply?

A. Only one. There is a $45 charge for a lost key. 

Q3. Is there direct beach access?  

A. ADA beach access is located to the north in front of Chinook Winds Hotel. Stair beach access is to the south. Both are about 150 ft from front door of Splendor. Please respect our neighbor’s private property to the North and South of rental property. Please do not allow any of your group to walk on their property. Due to erosion, we ask that you do not zigzag down the bank to get to beach.

Q4. How can I check to see if my dates are available?

A.  You may visit our online calendar which is constantly updated. 

Q5.  How many bedrooms does the house have and how are the beds arranged? 

A. The house has 3 private bedrooms and a game room located on the 2nd floor. Each bedroom has a king bed. The game room has a pull down Murphy queen size bed. All mattress sets are Sealy Posturepedic Ultra Plush. The house is designed to sleep 10 in all rooms. The NW master has a queen size sofa sleeper. Two think sleeping pads are located downstairs to accomodate 12 guests.

Q6. How many bathrooms are there and where are they located?

A. There are 4 bathrooms, 3 are located upstairs, the Master bath with a marble shower, a 2nd bath with a bathtub / shower and 2 sinks, and a bathroom attached to the game room (see below).The 4th bathroom is located downstairs with an oversized shower.

Q7.  Is there a hot tub?

A. No, but we do have a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom that is attached to the pool room, which will comfortably fit 2 adults. In addition there is a window over the tub with a View of the Ocean and a combination 13” T.V. / VHS player mounted on the wall.

Q8.  What will I find in the kitchen?

A.  The kitchen is equipped with place settings, utensils, glass ware and wine glasses for 12 guests. We have Teflon pots, pans, and cooking utensils, baking glassware and tins, a cheese grater, measuring spoons and cups, wine opener, ice cream scoop, potato peeler, cooking timer, coffeemaker, coffee butler, blender, toaster, Pyrex cutting board, pot holders, and cookbooks.

Q9. Is there firewood for the fireplace?

A.  We provide 3 fire logs for your first night’s stay. Additional fire logs can be purchased at many of the local stores.

Q10. Is there a BBQ at the house?

A. Yes. A charcoal, 320 sq. inch covered park grill.

Q11. How many TV’s are in the house?

A. There is a 47” T.V. in the living room; 27” TV’s in all 3 bedrooms; 37″ TV in game room; 27″ TV on landing with X-Box and 13″ TV/VHS in Jacuzzi bathroom.

Q12. Do you have a DVD or VHS player?

A. There is a combination DVD / VHS player in the living room, and a VHS player in the Master bedroom and Jacuzzi bathroom.

Q13. Where do we park?

A. Two cars in garage and one on north side of house. The city has restrictions on how many cars we can park. We are allowed a total of 3 spots. Please be aware that any other configuration may result in a fine of $250 imposed by the City of Lincoln City as a violation of our parking restrictions. 

Q14. Do you provide any board games?

A. Yes, you will find numerous games in the pool room along with poker chips and cards.

Q15. Do you provide linens?

A. Yes, we provide all bedding and towels for your stay at no charge. There is a washer and dryer in the garage should you need fresh linens during your stay. We ask that you PLEASE NOT LAUNDER ANY OF THE COMFORTERS.

Q16. What is your refund policy?

A.  If we can fill the time you have reserved, your deposit will be fully refunded except for the $100 cancellation fee. If all or part of the time is not re-booked, the 50% deposit will pay for that unused time; any difference would then be refunded.

Q17. What do we need to do before we check out?

A.  We ask that you leave the home reasonably neat and clean to secure your full refund. Spills need to be cleaned up. We do not require you to make up the beds, mop the floors, or clean/disinfect the bathrooms and sinks. You will be charged extra for  any excessive cleaning or damage that is done to the house or grounds. We ask that you do not re-arrange the furniture or beds.

Upon your departure:

  1. Please leave OUR HOME in the same orderly fashion as when you arrived.
  2. Please remove all food and drink from the refrigerator, freezer, cupboards and drawers.
  3. Please load dishwasher with dirty dishes and start cycle before departure.
  4. Please pull back comforters on all beds that were slept in. It is not necessary to “strip the bed”.
  5. Please leave all sheets, blankets, pillow shams and pillows in their designated bedrooms.
  6. Please leave all soiled towels on the bathroom floors.
  7. Please replace ALL movies to book shelves where they were originally stored.
  8. Please take all personal items with you.
  9. Please set thermostat to 55 degrees.
  10. Please raise blinds to the right of the front door, indicating to our housekeeping staff of your departure.

Splendor by the Sea is professionally cleaned after each guest’s stay. If you are not able to perform these tasks, additional charges may be deducted from your deposit. Please note that your deposit is fully refundable within 20 days of your departure providing there are no additional cleaning charges, damage or theft.